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The Electrum Cosmetics Store Will Be Temporarily Closed

Thank you for the continued support of Electrum Cosmetics, and the great pre-order launch of the Celestial Witch!

With such an influx of orders, and due to health reasons, the Electrum Cosmetics ordering portion will be temporarily closed. Customers can still check the status of orders, and view account information, however, the shop will be closed.

Electrum Cosmetics received an overwhelming amount of orders for the Celestial Witch, both for round 1 and round 2.

A message from the owner:

I recently hurt my back beyond measure, and while I have been able to make makeup, package it and mail it out, I am in quite a bit of pain. With that being said, I am taking measures to ensure I can take care of my back and also be efficient for y'all. I will be closing Electrum's site temporarily to pack orders, as well as to replenish the shop. Please note that ordering will not be open at this time. I am hoping with this time, I am able to recover and fix what is going on with my back! Thank you for your understanding, Lisa

Please stay tuned to the Electrum Cosmetics Instagram for updates regarding the Blood Moon launch (coming soon) and when the store will reopen.

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